Piracy Policy

It has been observed that many fake and duplicate Chhota Bheem and Chhota Bheem Deals products are doing the rounds and being sold blatantly across shops, malls and also some reputed retail outlets.

Please note that Green Gold Licensing & Merchandising (I) Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad are the Intellectual Property (IP) owners of the brands Chhota Bheem, Mighty Raju, Arjun, Luv Kushh, Krishna in Vrindavan, Krishna Kansa Vadh, Krishna & Balram, Chorr Police and that it is a criminal offence to sell or keep any fake products for the said brands.

The vendor/retailer/manufacturer are subject to legal proceedings, as this is a clear violation under copyrights and trademarks act, from Green Gold Licensing & Merchandising (I) Pvt Ltd (owners & makers of Chhota Bheem).

Please report any such instance where you find spurious products without company tag, address, information or logos on the product being sold in the open markets and report to piracy@greengold.tv. We will take stinging action against the party involved. We will keep your name and identity confidential to protect you from any hassle or disturbance.

If possible, kindly send us the scanned copy of the invoices/reciepts and photograph of the product and tags so that we can have further proof against the manufacturers and retailers.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding our efforts to serve you genuine and high quality products.

Best regards,
Green Gold Licensing & Merchandising (I) Pvt Ltd.